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As in the most ‘important forms of collecting, there are also in our “spare” false and very often are also done well, so it’s not always easy to recognize.

In the gallery “smears” I entered (will insert) a series of photographs to document mignon falsified or tampered with that I do not always recklessly, purchased and illustrate clearly how I understand it ‘s “catch” so that other collectors liquor I read, I can learn what I learned from other more experienced than me at the time.

Money in hand, the cunning is still there and you realize of ‘inexperience buyer’ s casual, looking for the rare and, perhaps, at a good price: beware people! Beware!

Invale, unfortunately, the malpractice of “rip-off differta” I l ‘I bought so and so sell it (statement made to me by “one” on eBay, to whom I had written that he mignon on sale was a fake. ..). The same thing can also happen to the markets now: “I paid five euro to market, what do they have to be false?” Well! ‘Time t’ was stolen only five euro … Even in good faith, maybe!

The experience gets on your skin and I scottai immediately, just by purchasing mignon “rare” at a good price.

The first time was in Bassano by the legendary …. . But, to be honest, I just doubt, feeling the high prices that I shot the seller when I pointed the STOCK mignon or BUTON, I thought to buy, so I contented myself with two GMA, which I had always seen with plastic cap while there were very rare, with a tear-off cap METAL marked GMA.

I was with my wife (… young ….!) In the mountains, above Belluno, sitting in a meadow eating “Lunches” and doubt continued to grow. I had spent a large sum: 5000 pounds!

The question was especially the FULL SARTI GRAPPA, the ‘other was the GOLD BLEND.

Waving mignon I was convinced that it had a sweet liqueur, dense, like a SAMBUCA, a ‘ANISE.

So I said to my wife … I open it and try.

And if you’re wrong? She asked, that I still knew little experience.

We decided to run with this … big risk, and I assumed the responsibility to uncork the “expensive” mignon grappa.

C. …! There was just sambuca inside! I l ‘I never drink, but at home, even in my small collection, c’ was that mignon with the right label, the green one that says SARTI SAMBUCA Liqueur Dessert.

On the way back we went back to Ponte Bassano, in the shop of ‘now mythical no more …. Did not bat an eyelid and gave me back the money of both the miniature: needless to say that I saw him again.

There are also those that invent, or create copies from large bottles and old catalogs of homes liquoristiche: the BUTON traded many types of liquor and not all we saw mignon, probably because it never produced.

That’s exactly, probably! It is not known with certainty whether, as for all companies that produced liquor, has put on the market for each product liquor, the corresponding sample bottle. And in fact, for years seen “around” very rare specimens of liquor BUTON obviously expensive, which does not have the certainty that they are authentic, but it is difficult to classify false: we have the label on the catalog BUTON and the image of the corresponding A large bottle can also be seen on posters, sometimes: I was born a variant or a single piece, very rare, very expensive … rightly so.

Too bad that the same defect print on the label in the catalog, see also on the same label applied to the rare, expensive mignon! The label “right” is on mignon, then brought in the catalog, or the one in the catalog, photographed, and then applied to subsequently reproduced mignon, unique never seen before?

Then there are the seals or stamps, added to the old mignon (added, not replaced, there were: and, in this respect, would open a controversy endless …), who had applied, however old, contrassagno paper watermarked.

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